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This page shows characters of the ObsCure Series, who have not been named or seen. They either could be families or groups of survivors that were mention in by characters and are roughly in order of first appearances.

Unnamed ΔΘΓ Party GirlEdit

Girl in Party

She enters in the hallway of the first floor just as the same time as Kenny and Amy. She was severely damaged on her shoulder by the creatures. She told them that the monsters kill her boyfriend by ripping him head off and that it soon be their turn, she aslo told them to go get the gun in the safe on the billiards room.

The two University students searched for the gun, while she tells that the code for the gun should be anywhere near. She states that her head is spinning due to the mutation going on.

After Kenny or Amy gets the gun and go to check her, she mutates into an Amorphous just to be killed by the two of them.

She's voiced by Amy Sanchez.

Socrates 3 Edit

Is the codename for the helicopter pilot (Or the chopper itself) that was going to take Richard James and Amy Brookes to an secure place.


He is the bouncer of the ΔΘГ Fraternity.

He is bold, has a black t-shirt that says "SECURITY" and is old looking. He's probably a member of the Brotherhood, but not from the fraternity, he may has been hired as a security officer.

He rejects the entrance to Amy and Kenny, so they decide to break in through a window on the first floor.

When the two of them go down the stairs, they find him crawling trough the floor with his legs brutally choped out. He then soonly perishes.

He's voiced by Buster Cox.


He's a student at the Fallcreek University. He wears a black t-shirt, that has a square smiley face and says "MOTOM", blue jeans and most recognisable a red bandana on his head.

In the morning of the November 31th of 2005, he is seen by Corey and Mei chasing another student after this one take his camera.

His name is shown in his model in the game's file. He's voiced by Buster Cox. Curiously "Motom" is a italian type of motor biclycle.

Billy, Ted & SusieEdit

In a clipboard, Corey can read a apology note. The story implies this:

Billy and Susie were dating, Susie was friend of Ted. Billy went to a party and drank a lot. That same night Ted, friend with Susie, asked if he could stay the night with her, maybe because of a big break up or something.

Susie went out of the room. So Billy, already wasted, went to her room and didn't turn on the lights, so he approach to her bed just to find Ted, but he couldn't tell due to his drunkness and the darkness.

Susie cameback just in time to see Billy doing something with Ted. Either kiss or any kind of relation.

Susie broke up with Billy and he made a note he put in the stairs room.

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