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"Is he a hockey player or a reincarnated Viking? Sven Hansen handles his hockey stick like it is a battleaxe and only pauses a game to have a quick drink. His is a heart of gold drowned in a lake of mead, a true fighter who honors the strength of his ancestors. The only things Sven loves more than Norway are his friends... and the way Amy looks at him."

Sven Hansen is a character that appears in ObsCure II. Sven is that kind of jock that everyone knows: Great strength, a lady magnet, and a party-guy. He has a crush on Amy.

General InfoEdit

Sven was born in Oslo, Norway and highly reveres his traditions and is an avid hockey player and fanatic. His special ability is strength. Sven also likes Amy Brookes.

Appearance Edit

He has dirty blond hair with a little facial hair. He has light blue eyes which are common if you are from the Scandinavian area. He is bulit like most jocks: Not too skinny, but not too buff. He wears a yellow and red hockey jacket. He also wears normal jeans and shoes that match his jacket.


He's very cool and laid back - the type of guy that makes a lot of friends and is quite popular. He's shy when it comes to girls though, especially ones that he really likes. He can easily be angered; even though he has a coolness about him doesn't mean he's a push over. He has a nice heart and is a well-rounded guy. He is not very good at thinking and most of the time is the second one to notice something but he is smart enough to make good grades and graduate from college.


"​Stay... with you"- Sven's last words to Amy.

He is killed by Jedidiah with a chainsaw when he is displayed on a meat hook in the Abandoned House. This results in Amy crying in despair and Shannon and Stan attempt to pursue and gain revenge on Jedidiah.

Trivia Edit

  • Sven's dorm room is 200. It is unknown as to who his roommate is (if he has one).
  • In the restroom in the boys' dorm, there is a hidden message on the mirror. When the hot water's turned on, the steam reveals the message to be, "This evening, come party in room 200." This message was left by Sven, since this is his room number and his friend Corey Wilde says so.


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