The Stun Gun is a weapon in ObsCure II.


You can find it if you open the Item Box in the dinner room of the Brotherhood's Frat House. It will be necessary 3 small keys to open it.


It is a long-range electric gun. It emits a powerful jolt of electricity at the enemy causing it inevitably fall to the ground in convulsions. Despite this consumes the battery rather quickly and has virtually no effect on the boss.


The stun gun cannot be used on its own to defeat most enemies. Regardless, it is still a very useful support item that can tie up an enemy long enough to either get past it or to allow the other character to run in and kill it while it is down. Smaller enemies can be fried outright by it, but against multiple human-sized enemies, its use is risky. It fires a beam of electricity that stuns its target but only does minor damage. It runs on a battery that can be recharged at electrical panels, meaning that it should be used prodigiously.


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