The Spiders Biters are parasitic monsters appearing in ObsCure II. They are conceived by Breeders due to the mutagenic properties of the Mortifilia.


Spiders are small monsters with features similar to those of a spider or a small parasite. Born in a Breeder, they are presumably the fetus carried in the womb of an infected pregnant woman.


Not counting on its weak physical endurance, they rely on numerical superiority; they attack in groups of about 10 or 15. Their attacks consist of jumping towards its prey trying to bite them, and are also capable of sporadic ambushes, hiding in the ceiling of an area and jumping on them from above.

They can also climb on the body of the prey up to their head, nailing its claws on their temples. When making this kind of attack the player will be forced to remove the Spider struggling or, alternatively, being helped by a companion, it is not possible to attack while the parasite is on one's head.


Generally the Spiders' attacks are supported by a Breeder that continues to give birth frequently. Groups of 5 or 10 venture into different areas in search of unwary prey. Given their lack of resistance, it is recommended only face them with melee weapons, with which to crush them on the ground; However, if in the area is also a Breeder, you must first eliminate this monster since these will continue to deliver new Spiders.


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