Shannon Matthews is a major main protagonist in the ObsCure game series. She has appeared in both ObsCure  and ObsCure II. She also appears in the non-canon spin-off Final Exam, only as a minor character.

In the first installment she's voiced by Stephanie Sheh and by E. Renee Thomas in the Second one. In the short film inspired by the saga, ObsCure: The Uncertain Truth, it is played by Elise Arndt.


Her style of dress has undergone changes, approaching the style dark goth characterized by dark colors and piercing, but without abandoning its traditional skirts.


Shannon is the intellegent and calm of her group, she's show to be very kind and tries to help her friends every time possible. Her nature is completely opposite to that of her brother, while he is impulsive and arrogant, Shannon is responsible and judicious; her only excess is in the way she dressed.

In the second game, her character changes radically, making it safer and adult. After the experience at the Leafmore Incident, the responsible role of Shannon and her strong personality came to light, overlooking the weak and insecure nature of his brother. By taking charge of Kenny and following it judiciously, Shannon, despite being younger, takes the role of big sister.


Born in the City of Fallcreek, Shannon Matthews is Kenny Matthews's younger sister and a student in Leafmore High, perhaps the best student of Leafmore High, on a school newspaper it can be read that she won the local TV quiz: Champion Genius. 

Leafmore IncidentEdit

Shannon is the fourth one to have an introduction in the game's first cutscene. Depending on if the player is playing Shannon at the time, will depend on what cutscenes she comes in at in the main game play.

At the school's closing time in October 9th, Shannon watchs her brother and several of his friends and possible teammates play practice basket ball while sitting in the bleachers. She gets up when most of everyone but her brother leaves the court. She complains that Kenny said he would come home early, and Kenny brushes it off as he said that to "Mom and Dad" and not her. Josh Carter, a journalist and her friend, offers to walk her home, which she declines.

The next day while walking to school with Ashley Thompson, Kenny's girlfriend, they starts up a conversation about how Kenny stood Ashley up the very last night. Shannon then worries because Kenny did not return home either. In class, they bring this issue up with Josh. He then comes up with the idea of staying in after school to look for Kenny.

The trio begins to investigate in the school corridors, soon discovering that some monstrous creatures roam at large. Saved by their Biology Teacher Denny Walden by an attack of some Biters, Josh, Ashley and Shannon access to the central courtyard of the school.

After meeting with Stan Jones and spoken to the Principal Herbert Friedman, the boys try to find the janitor to leave the building. He, however, is devoured by monsters and the boys decide to get to the infirmary, to assist the nurse Miss Wickson.

After Walden gave them the key of the theater, the boys reach some sort of underground laboratory under the school and find the imprisoned Kenny. The group is, however, drugged by Friedman and in their sleep infected with the Mortifilia spores, the plant that gave birth to the monsters in the school.

They managed to escape from prison and go to save Miss Wickson, but it's too late, but before she dies she tells tehm that, when exposed to light, they'll run the risk of becoming monsters, so they decide to go in the basement to find an antidote.

So in the Friedman's room, in the library, they discover the truth about him and his twin brother Leonard, with who discovered Mortifilia in Africa and used it convinced that they could synthesize a serum that will give eternal life. They also find a map of the underground, but is stolen by Walden, who's also infected.

The group thus crosses the dorm and school gardens up to re-access laboratories where, by activating a mechanism that opens a gigantic door, they witness the murder of Friedman by Walden. The latter, however, was immediately killed by a giant Leonard Friedman, changed after the a failed serum, who's now the center of the Mortifilia roots. The guys destroy the monster's branches that support the ceiling of the basement, thus making it collapse on him.

By now completely exposed to light (the weak point of Mortifilia), Leonard dies in the school gym while the boys take the serum against the infection in their veins. After defeating them Shannon approach Josh, who's broke down by all the events in that nightmare of night, and embrace tenderly with him.

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

Two years after the events of Leafmore, Shannon enrolled at the Fallcreek University with her brother Kenny. By the that time Shannon's body has reacted very positively to Mortifilia, allowing it to not need the medications to make up for the effects of spores, thus becoming able to "breathe" spores and dissipate them when these are grouped in a determined point. Shannon argues that it is her desire to have domesticated Mortifilia in her body, but Kenny and Stan disagrees.

Kenny sniffs it, much to Shannon's disgust and irritation, she drags him away.

After the party, when Kenny "disappears", she is seen with her brother at Fallcreek Hospital trying to get pills for Kenny; however, when Corey and Amy enter the room, Kenny is no longer able to control the spores in him and mutates.

Shannon finds Amy at the bottom of the dam and confronts Kenny on what he's done. After Kenny happily says that he had impregnate Amy with his child, Shannon becomes very angry and states that she wishes to kill him. Before she can act, Kenny is hit by crates and falls into a hole.

Shannon meets up with her brother, along with Corey. Corey is holding a gun in his hand and kneeling down on the ground, contemplating, and ultimately, carrying out suicide. Shannon and Stan battle Kenny at the Fallcreek stadium, killing him.

Following the final battle and the presumed deaths of Professor James and Amy, Shannon tells Stan that she is going to 'cut family ties', before walking off with him into the sunrise.



Shannon in ObsCure is the smartest in the group, though she can't run, and has a healing bonus to herself or companion. She can also point out the current or next objective.

ObsCure IIEdit

Shannon appears in ObsCure II has new abilities, but does not retain her old ones. Her new abilities allow her to suck or absorb the dark aura, as well as to cope with her infection without medicine. Shannon says that her body has adapted and that the spores are 'part' of her biology.


  • Her hair in ObsCure II is very difficult to determine since it has been show different colors:
    1. Her In-game model has a red, just like in Final Exam.
    2. In cutscenes is a very dark red.
    3. Her character portrait has Black hair.
    4. And in various artworks she has a more orange red hair.
  • When searching through the Teacher's Lounge in Obscure, the player can find absent records and grades. Shannon has perfect attendance and high grades.
  • After the first ObsCure, Shannon's original "Younger Sister" personality changes into a very dark, cynical and cold version, possibly due to the loss of her friends.
  • Throughout the events of ObsCure 2:The Aftermath, Shannon shows romantic feelings and interest in Stan.
  • Shannon, Stan, Kenny, Josh and Ashley are the only survivors of Obscure 1. In Obscure 2, Only Shannon and Stan survive.
  • In her sound files, she has a dialogue hiting about the dynamite. It's posible that she was probably to be played in the hospital.