The Runners are monsters appearing in ObsCure II, generated by the genetic mutation of the Mortifilia.


The Runners are students changed after abusing the drugs produced by the Mortifilia Flower. Their physical appearance, already contaminated of the flowers's spores, doesn't change.

At least until the release of massive doses of Mortifilia Spores issued from the flowers, when fully bloom. Therefore, it can be intuited 3 things:

  1. That inhalation of the drug weakens the resistance of the person and creates the basis for the total infection that is subsequently caused by a second dose of spores liberated directly from the plant.
  2. Or the drug created with the flower, deny the mutation effects of the plant and the spores just transformed everyone, with the plant's spores mutating every people without the use of the drug as necessary part of the event.
  3. Or to combine the 2 theories, the spores can mutate everyone without the needs of the flower drug, but if the person mutated has the drug flower the mutation would be a genetically different transformation, which would explain the new monster on ObsCure II.

The transformation radically change their appearance: the skin is covered with melanomas and tumors while leaving only two hands lose some toes with strong claws. The mouth and lips are deformed completely leaving only the grotesque mouth.

The Runners have a good physical resistance, accentuated by special proteins in their blood, after being killed, can be taken through special syringes directly from their heart to synthesize a serum that can give an energy boost.

Known CasesEdit

One of the first examples of these creatures is a student at Fallcreek that the protagonists knew: Matt; he is in fact recognized after the mutation thanks to a special tattoo that he had on his shoulder.


Generally these monsters attack in groups and railing against the opponent in a very similar way to Evolved Infected Student of ObsCure, trying to throw him to the ground or scratching him.

Their offensive, however, is not particularly harmful but may become so if the attacks are repeated or caused by a group of Runners. Agile and very fast, these creatures are able to quickly escape several attacks (bullets included); it is advisable therefore groped to hit when attacking frontally so as to minimize the waste of bullets. Like all products of Mortifilia fear the light and, when exposed to a direct ray, shrink back in fear.


  • Runners are the most common enemies in the 2nd game.


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