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The protagonists in ObsCure II

Leafmore High survivors:

  • Kenny Matthews- The older brother of Shannon and and a survivor of Leafmore High. After the events of Leafmore Kenny along with Shannon enrolled at Fallcreek University. He suffered as much as his sister and like Stan Jones he has to take daily medication for what Herbert did to him. Outwardly Kenny appears to be the strongest of the group, but he is less stronger than Shannon, who has turned out to be more courageous, and he needs more medication than Stan who coped better with his affiction.
  • Shannon Matthews- The younger sister of Kenny Matthews and a survivor of the events at Leafmore High. She allong with her brother enrolled at Fallcreek University. The events at Leafmore High left Shannon with a dark personality. She is the strongest of the original group as she is the only one who adapted the changes with in her (possibly giving her eternal lifespawn).
  • Stan Jones- A survivor of Leafmore High and the only one of the cast that did not enter the Fallcreek University as he had sworn to never enter school again. Unlike Shannon he has to take daily medication to suppress the spores inside him. He spent a week in prison due to the fact that he got himself in a scum, in there he learned how to pick locks.
  • New Playable characters:
  • Corey Wilde- A skater and a car fanatic who is no stranger to pain. He is Mei's boyfriend. He has an impresive flexibility which allows him to perform rather dangerous acrobatics. It seems that his arrogance and anger do get him into trouble, and also he is in trouble whenever he refers to his car as his baby infront of Mei.
  • Mei Wang- Jun's sister, a beautiful young asian girl. She is a video game fanatic and a good hacker, she has a bad habit of hacking anything in the range of her PDA. Mei's rival for Corey is his car and his skateboard but in the game section it is her sister Jun with which has a strong bond.
  • Sven Hansen- A Hockey player, he is born in Norway but moved to the U.S.A. shortly after his birth. He is obsessed with his home country sports and their customs. Sven is intrested in Amy something that he shares with Kenny, Amy is aware of it but she hasn't shown her preference yet.
  • Amy Brookes- Genuine blond and Miss Wet T-shirt on campus, Amy Brooks has a phenomenal skill at deciphering and breaking near-impossible codes and puzzles. She is aware that both Kenny and Sven are interested in her : she is excited by Kenny's bad boy demeanor, but she is also thrilled by the way Sven looks at her.
  • Jun Wang- Jun is the twin sister of Mei and her rival on the game field. Jun is a game enthusiast, a real game chick. She spents disproportionate amounts of her free time playing video games and partying, she is the dream girl of many boys on campus. She has a really strong bond with her sister.
  • Non-playable characters:
  • Richard James- James is the professor of biology at Fallcreek University and a mentor of ΔΘΓbrotherhood. Near the end of the game, Richard's true nature is shown he betrays the player and attempts to kidnap Amy so he can exam her and deliver the mutated baby inside her. He dies at the end along with Amy in the helicopter.
  • Enemies:
  • Jedidiah
  • Leonard Friedman
  • Mutated Kenny

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