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ObsCure II began development shortly after the release of ObsCure in 2004.

ObsCure II has very little known beta facts, however some beta traces such as online multiplayer exist in the game files if hacked into.

Characters and RolesEdit

  • Shannon - Shannons role remained the same in beta stages, however some evidence in the game files shows text and dialog of Stan mourning Shannons death. Later on Stan would kill himself. This was later given to Corey and Mei.
  • Stan - Stan's role remains unchanged besides the fact some of his lines were cut and a level with him in it was cut that would involve him and Kenny. The cut dialog proves that Shannon was not supposed to survive the events of the School Level as the dialog is connected to the school. He later would commit suicide. This was later given to Mei and Corey.
  • Corey - His role is the same except he was not supposed to die in the beta and niether was Mei. This was changed in the beta and this concept was changed. In the beta, Shannon was supposed to be killed by Kenny and Stan was supposed to mourn her death and later commit suicide. This was given to Corey and Mei.
  • Amy - Her role remained the same.
  • Sven - His role remained the same.
  • Mei - Her role remains unchanged except that she was not supposed to die in the beta.
  • Kenny- His role remained the same besides early in the game him and stan would share a level together that was cut. Also he was in the beta supposed to kill Shannon and make Stan join him, this was later given to Mei and Corey.
  • Jun- Her role remained the same.
  • The Professor- His role remained the same.
  • Josh Carter- His role was cut in this game. It was shown he was supposed to meet up with Shannon at the hospital. He was also Shannon's boyfriend. The rest was unknown, however, he remains in the game as a cameo in the secret video tape.
  • Ashley- Her role was cut from the game. However she was supposed to meet up with kenny in the hospital. She remains in the game as a cameo in a secret tape.
  • Kevin- There is a character in the game files and a skin for him if looked at in the dumped files. He is not in the game.


Two levels are known to be cut. A bigger and expanded docks and a city area. The level handle files and names remain in the game files as well as dialog in one of them between Kenny and Stan.

The hospital level also was a little different. A few lines of text were removed from Corey mourning over Mei. It shows that a cutscene was replaced and two things happened. The first cutscene changed was Mei having a deadly scream of pain when her dead is crushed. It also shows in the cutscene Corey having major bleeding coming from him and the pipe was more bloody and had a piece of meat wrapped around it. The next cutscene changed was when Corey is mourning for Mei. It shows Corey screaming and crying and stan lift him off the pole, then it shows corey say "I'm sorry Mei, he will... " then he cuts off and breaks down crying. It then shows Shannon go over and hug him and tell him he needs to go with them, and he refused but she forces him. Then it shows Shannon lay a tarp over Mei's body.  Corey can be heard crying as he is being dragged away as he cannot yet walk due to the pain was inflicted from the pole.

Multiplayer Online Play and Scrapped PS3 VersionEdit

Inside the game files if hacked, there is dialog and other handle files that show things for multiplayer such as "kick" "room" "freemode" "battle" and a few others. The files remain intact in the ps2 and pc version but were removed from the Wii Version.

There was also a ps3 version in the works as it showed menus in the files for the Playstation network, somethings about hard drives and dual shock 3 wireless controller. Nothing else is known about the ps3 version or the multiplayer besides those found in dumped and hacked game files.

ObsCure II beta images.Edit

Notice the beta level shot (Turtle Stone Island) of stan and kenny, which exist in the final version, but Kenny is mutated by time.

Misc ChangesEdit

- In the beta, there was originally not going to be a linear story. Meaning you could originally choose who can die. This was changed in the final, as in the final, all characters besides Shannon and Stan are scripted to die.

- In the beta, there were 2 cut levels. More docks and a city level. This city level was scrapped completly. By the use of an Action Replay, you can enable to dev menu, which allows you to warp to different levels. You can warp to the city, and it is 100% complete, however no monsters will spawn.

- In the beta, you were originally intended to have 4 people on screen at once running around in combat exploring. This was changed when online play was cut.

- Online play was cut due to the PS3 and 360 versions being scrapped due to time constraints. The game was also to be released on the original xbox, but was cut when Microsoft discontinued the xbox. This also happened to the Cut Gamecube Version.

- There is a few cut monsters and characters.

- There is a cutscene hidden in the game files that shows how amy wandered off and got raped by kenny.

- In the beta, there was no active save system. It would only save at the end of each level.

- In the beta, the ps3 and 360 versions supported add ons. It is unknown what they would of been, but in the game line of code, you can find: "Clothing pack 1 has been loaded", "Clothing pack 2 has been loaded", "Battle Mode has been loaded".

- The game was originally not going to be called ObsCure The Aftermath in USA, as in the game files, it is shown as ObsCure II: Return To Fallcreek.

- The game has 4 scrapped games. It was originally going to be released on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and PS3. However, the gamecube was discontinued by Nintendo while obscure 2 was being developed, which then the developers moved the game to the wii. Then Microsoft discontinued the Xbox, so the developers planned an Xbox 360 version. Due to both last gen consoles being discontinued, the developers initially stopped development of the PS2 version and started on a ps3 version just in case. However later on they stopped working on the 360 and PS3 versions. They returned to develop the PS2 version, as they said they wanted to release it on the PS2 as it was also the console they known how to code for and publish for the best. So it was released on PS2 in its original form, the gamecube version was upgraded to use wii controls and released on Wii instead, the windows version was released as a direct PS2 port, although the PC version was never planned, it was released to make up for the PS3 and 360 versions being scrapped. Later on, they released the game in downgraded port for PSP, which got a good reception.

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