The Morgenstern Bat is a weapon in ObsCure and ObsCure II.



The Morgenstern bat is a special variant of the Baseball Bat. It can only be acquired on a second playthrough, replacing the baseball bat found in the student cafetery in place of the common Baseball Bat only in Special Mode. Covered with nails, studs and blades is an excellent melee weapon capable of inflicting devastating damage to smaller enemies. It is able to kill many with a single strike. It deals far more damage than the normal bat, about as much as the old pistol, and as such can be very useful when playing through the early parts of the game, especially on hard difficulty. Since it can be only obteind in the "Special Mode" its considered Non-Canon. In the ObsCure Collection release on March 10th, 2014, Morgenstern bat in the extra content has a different appearance resembling more like a medieval mace. However in the game model it is identical to the classic with some black seams.

ObsCure IIEdit

In this game, the Morgenstern bat is found again, but with a different name, "Spiked Bat". It can be adquire at first playthrough by June, until her death by a Runner. When Sven and Mei go to Fallcreek University to save the latter's sister, Jun, one must try to reach the dorm as quickly as possible, before the girl is killed. If it succeeds, Jun will be thrown in the basement by a Amorphous, at which point you will play as the girl and you she will grab the Morgenstern bat, that after her death one can recover it and it will become part of the inventory of the group. It is the best choice among the melee weapons, it offers a great power against smaller enemies and even those of respectable size. Many creatures give way to a single stroke of this bat adorned with studs and blades. Since that death is the actual canon, the appearance of the Morgenstern Bat is canon.

Final ExamEdit

In Final Exam, the Morgenstern bat will be the first melee weapon available for every character. It is described as the official bat of Leafmore Sharks. It is a weapon balanced between good handling and attack power.


  • Morgenstern is a German surname derived from the Middle German words "morgen", meaning "morning", and "stern", meaning "star".
  • It can also be guessed that it was choose because it's name is similar to:
    • Morgen = Monster
    • Stern = FrankenStein
  • The Morgenstern Bat is the only unique weapon to be present in all games of the saga (Even those not canon).


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