The Infected Student is a enemy appearing in ObsCure, generated by genetic mutation of the Mortifilia.


The Infected Student represent the first of stage of the Mortifilia's contamination, the mutation type 1 is listed by Herbert Friedman and is the basis for the subsequent developments.

It is a student of Leafmore High captured and infected with the spores of the plant without suffering excessive exposure to light (which would cause the onset of other metamorphoses).


Their skin is covered with many melanomas and exposure to light it generates micro-tumors that cells fight using specific proteins.

However, the treatment stops the creation of such proteins by doing so develop many skin cancers that reactivate the properties of mutagens. When these cancers become general often they cause the onset of all other types of mutation (type 2, type 3, type 4).

The brain of the Infected Student regress to a vegetative state while the motor functions remain fully active. The Infected Student generally roams the school trying to interact with objects which at one time they used (their view, in fact, causes in them a sort of reasoning principle which however are not capable of focusing) or remain in walls resting or sitting on chairs.


They tend to ignore the Leafmore Survivors as long as these are not close enough or, at other times, they implore their help, but if they are illuminated with a flashlight, the light causes the immediate reaction of Mortifilia present in their blood by activating a great aggressiveness.

But the others, those in the dormitory, don't attack in any case, remaining motionless and impassive to any type of stimulus.

When they attack they do so in a manner quite similar, although less harmful, to the Evolved Infected. They are protected by a thin layer of spores and occasionally armed with small sharp objects.


Fighting the active infected students is not a difficult task, any firearm will be enough to force them to stop, or, alternatively, a melee weapon will be a viable option. Exposing them to sunlight by breaking a windows will be a great way to save energy, but it will take a few seconds for the lights permanently kill the Infected Student.

However you can safely avoid several clashes with them by avoiding flashing them with your flashlight and leaving them in their vegetable state.

Known CasesEdit

Herbert Friedman experimented with the missing students, it's unknown the real amount of subjects that were turn into an Infected Student.

There is a chance that Alan Gardener was mutated into one and evolved into the 2nd Form Infected, until 2003 when the Leafmore Survivors find his note and encounter their first ArbolTrebol.