The game ObsCure has 4 modes to play:

Easy ModeEdit

As stated in the title, this mode of playing is for those unexperienced in the game, giving the character better weapons at the beggining and more health items, which will heal in a more efficient way, the enemies do a minimum, but acceptable damage and the ammunition will be easy to find. This mode is already available in the beggining

Normal ModeEdit

As stated in the title, the game works on a average way, no need to explain, this is mode is already available at the beggining.

Hard ModeEdit

This mode is unavailable at the beggining, to unlock it, the player has to beat the game a least once in any mode available. In this mode the player will have the things rough, the guns will appear a little late in the game, and it won't be the best at the moment, ammunition will be scarce and the enemies will be more dangerous. There's also a shortage of save discs.

Extra Mode / Special ModeEdit

Just like the Hard mode, this one will be unavailable and the only way to unlock it will be beating the game once, but this time only in normal. This mode doesn't change the difficulty of the game in any way (Actually, it decrease a little because of it's features), the player will have to choose a difficulty, the only difference is the models and weapons.

This mode changes the clothes of the characters into a new suit:

  • Josh will have a hawian t-shirt and beard.
  • Shannon will have a more gothic outfit.
  • Stan will have a jamaican-like appearance.
  • Kenny will have a work-out t-shirth.
  • Ashley will have a more cheerleader-like style of clothes.

There will also be 2 new weapons subtituting other weapons:


  • Shannon's Special costume may have inspired her appearance in ObsCure II.
  • After beating any mode the screen image of the start menu will change, there's 4 background for every winning, the default, the easy/normal, the hard and the special.