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Fallcreek University Hospital was a medical institution located in the City of Fallcreek.


The hospital campus is located not far from the university. Modern, well equipped, it is however not a very large building although the staff that works there is very qualified. There is a first aid and advanced medical equipment and ambulances. Known employees:

  • Herbert West
  • William Klingemann

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

Corey and Amy find themselves in the back entrance of the hospital after a chase through the woods to find Corey's car, they are attack by Harpies just time as they got in by a first floor window. The group decides to reunite in the ground floor, so Amy and Corey trying to find a way out, enter in a room and witness Kenny succumb to the Mortifilia in his blood, releasing a great amount of black spores. Shannon, who was in the room with Kenny, tells them to run just before being covered with the spores, Corey and Amy run back to find the elevator in the same floor they are, but broke, so Corey reprograms it and uses it to reach the ground floor of the hospital, where they met up with the Professor Richard James, and after a while Sven Hansen and Mei Wang. In the advise of the professor the group search for chemical recourse to make a homemade explosive to destroy a weak wall that can lead them to the storage area and then parking garage. At the same moment, Shannon would enconter Stan Jones who was called by Kenny in the parking area. Then group enter in the storage aera just to be ambush by a now mutated Kenny. He knocks out Sven, Amy and the professor and engages a battle with Corey and Mei, but after enough damage done, Kenny throws Corey into a loose pipe which impales his abdomen, then he would Crush Mei's skull in front of him. Corey now in a melancholic rage insults Kenny, while he prepares to kill him, just to be stop by Stan and Shannon. Even though he is badly wounded, Corey is able to pull through and join the fight and after being injured Kenny decides to leave the hospital. Then Corey mourns Mei and grabs his keychain, after that the group leaves the hospital in Stan's Van.


  • The hospital has a missing letter in the sign, making it look like it's says "Hospi-al"
  • In the ambulance parking lot there's 2 sings, one of them says "No Parking: Violators will be bitch slapped"


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