The Evolved Infected are creatures appearing in ObsCure and ObsCure II, they are created by injecting a serum made by the mutagenic properties of the Mortifilia plant.


The Evolved Infected is the direct evolutionary successor of the Infected Student. This "evolutionary step" happens when the Mortifilia's spores in their blood reach a suitable link with their host and react when exposed to light. Once this happens, the subject suddenly transforms into a ghoulish creature: the monster's hair, if they have any, falls off and the skin takes on a greenish coloration, covered with numerous tumors and necrotic sores, while their eyes become white and glassy. Their fingers become sharp claws used for rending flesh.

A flesh growth similar to a flower bud protrudes from their mouth, however it does not prevent them to make snarling sounds. An aura of Mortifilia much denser covers it, making it much more durable than simple Infected Students.


Due to its dark aura, to bring it down you need to disperse the spores around it in order to avoid wasting bullets. When the spores are dispersed, the damage will be considerably higher. The Evolved Infected generally try to close the distance with the enemies performing long leaps and then slashing them with their claws or flailing their poisonous "tongue".


Using a gun with flashlight is the best technique to get rid of these creatures. To save bullets you can opt for a melee weapon but doing this will almost surely expose you to their attacks. Howerver, it is basically impossible to deal with an entire group of Evolved Infected without the use of shotguns or more powerful guns, so it is advisable to shoot them down before they can get closer.

Here is a chart of the Evolved Infected's endurance, measured by the neccesary amount of bullets are required to kill it:

Firepower OLD






No Dark Aura 6 4 2 3 2
Dark Aura 9 6 3 4 2

Ashley Thompson deals more damage than the other players:

No Dark Aura


3 2 2 1
Dark Aura 6 6 2 3 2

ObsCure IIEdit

In ObsCure II the appearance of Evolved Infected is not particularly changed, except for their skin that has taken a reddish tone and the lack of protective spores. As for many other creatures, they possess particular proteins in the blood, concentrated around the heart, which contains materials which oxidize more slowly, thus increasing the resistance of the monsters: once defeated, one will be able to take a blood sample directly from their hearts using special syringes. Their attacks remain more or less the same as those of the first title as well as the strategy for dealing with them. You will find groups of these monsters especially in the sewage of the dam, some areas of Turtle Stone Island and in the ruins of the Leafmore High.


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