This is a fraternity house located in the north of Fallcreek were the Delta Theta Gamma Brotherhood resides.

This place is probably the main headquarters of the brotherhood (Given the important documents kept there). This headquarter is divided in 3 areas:

The Fraternity Edit

A meeting place for students that joined the brotherhood; this building serves as the main façade for all exterior. It has a private gym, a kitchen, a library, a game room and the office of it's mentor, Richard James. The members of the Brotherhood are used to to use a door security system accessible with a password, usually with names of famous scientists, musicians and philosophers (this system was later extended throughout the campus area). The outdoor sculptures were carved by Richard Zalino.

The Church Edit

A huge ceremonial place where the baptism of new members happens. It can only be accessed using the special medallions on a door in the basement of the office.

From here it can be accessed a sort of museum about the Mortifilia research, where there are various artefacts recovered at the Leafmore High, including the relevant statues that allowed the Leafmore Survivors open the big door that lead them to Leonard.

Also, this is where it's hold the First Mortifilia, the original specimen found in Africa by the Friedman Brothers and besides it, there's important documents of brotherhood, and the embalmed bodies of an ArbolTrebol and a Biter.

The Library Edit

Room where they kept the Volumes containing the Codes and doctrines of the Brotherhood. Among the many books there are:

  • Tractatus de Superstitionibus (Treaty of Superstitions) of 1559, occult Old and scientific works
  • De Vermis Mysteriis (The mysteries of the Worms), fluids of the mandrake.
  • The Equilibrium of the Elements
  • The Archives of the Freemasonry (Divided into 20 volumes)
  • The Mysteries of Knowledge
  • The Secrets of the Rosicrucians
  • The Philosophy of Natural Magic
  • Treaty of the Mortifilia
  • And the original copy of Jared Crowly's Sacrament.

There's also a tomb in honor to the Friedman Brothers, which, in addition, it has been placed a commemorative plaque that says: "Fallen in service for humanity, WHILE opened the doors of Eternity"

Trivia Edit

  • The tome De Vermiis Mysteris (The mysteries of worms), contained in the Library of the brotherhood, is actually a grimonio imagery created by Robert Bloch writer and later used by H.P. Lovecraft in the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The Tome Tractatus de Superstitionibus is a real medieval treatise, written by Martin de Arles.

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