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The Breeder is a monster appearing in Obscure II created by the genetic mutation of the Mortifilia.


The Breeder is the result of a pregnant woman being infected by a monster; The infected is therefore covered of various tumors on the skin that deform the body making it bigger and bringing it to move on four legs in a new grotesque look. Like many other monsters generated by the inhalation of Mortifilia, the Breeder has a particular protein concentrate around the heart, which contains more slowly oxidize tissues which results in a great physical resistance. Once killed, it will be possible to withdraw a sample of blood from the heart of the creature with the aid of special syringes to synthesize a energict serum.


Given its poor mobility, the Breeder has no particular offensive against enemies, except to hit him with his bulk or try to scratch it with his paws. To overcome this handicap, the creature gives birth to a few groups of Spider Biter who immediately pounced on their prey to keep them busy in the time the Breeder manages to distance itself sufficiently from the prey, as its primary attack it will use a similar prominence to an incredibly long tongue to grab the ankle of his enemies and let them fall to the ground. At that point the monster starts to drag the victim to her "mouth", forcing their prey to make an significantly effort to adchieve their freedom, but if they do not succeed, they will be entirely swallowed by the monster.


The best tactic to get the better of the Breeder is to ignore the Spiders and attack the monster trying to not face its front to prevent the use of its "tongue". Alternatively a flare coming from the Flare Gun will keep it busy for a enough period of time to be given the opportunity to be freed from the Spiders, but if you want to save time and ammunition, a Light Grenade will eliminate the monster and parasites in a few moments.

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

It's unknown the total amount of Breeder that were created, but it can be asumed that it wasn't a great amount, since the main requirement to become a breeder is to be pregnant and infected. In 1 day of the outbreak only 3 Breeders were spotted around the city. Corey and Amy found one in the Fallcreek University Hospital, as natural, another was found by Corey and Shannon in Turtle Stone Island and a third one was found by Stan and Shannon in the dance hall of the Delta Theta Gamma Frat House.


  • In a cut animation, Corey and Amy would find the first Breeder and see how she would turn.
  • Curiously, one can find a patron in the pair who find the 3 breeders:

Amy & Corey - Corey & Shannon - Shannon Stan


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