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The ArbolTrebol is monster appearing in ObsCure and ObsCure II, generated by genetic mutation of Mortifilia. He is the third and possibly last step of evolution of the most common infection of the Mortifilia.

The ArbolTrebol is among the most difficult monsters of the ObsCure saga.


He represents the latest evolutionary stage of the most common mutation generated by Herbert Friedman with the Mortifilia.

This monster is in fact a Evolved Infected exposed to light sources and when the spores of the Mortifilia have reached a fairly strong link with the infected person, the change is manifested, in fact a grotesque metamorphosis.

The monster becomes taller and more robust, the body formes a what appear to be melanomas plants. Its skin seems to be long gone, as one can see that its head is likely to be its skull and one can see its pelvis. Their whole body is only muscles and tendons covering the bones, which seem to have swelled. The feet are only bones, and are disproportionately large, with toe bones being several inches long and with a sharp ending. The torso is not entirely visible as it is blocked by the absurdly large low-hanging mouth flaps. The mid-torso is of somewhat average size, but as it goes up, it becomes a large. The arms, similarly to the legs, are bloody muscles ending in a big hand with inch-long finger bones that act as claws. Their arms are always extended outward, with the hands hanging down. The bud in the mouth of the Evolved Infected blooms releasing powerful jaws, while every sign of humanity vanishes completely.

In ObsCure II these monsters have change their appearance, but the potential danger is yet the same, if not reduced a little. This ArbolTrebol is a normal person infected with the 2nd Generation of the Mortifilia and has developed a new layer of skin, covering his "mouth" and creating him a hump. His finger are not enteraly separated and his face, since it isn't a skull like the first generation, it has eyes, but this one are all whited.


Due to its imposing size and its enormous strength, the ArbolTrebol moves slowly covered by a thick layer of black spores. He emits a sound similar to a roar and attacks by striking with its mighty limbs from above, pulling down the enemies. The damage inflicted by him are very high and are able to kill the characters with a few hits.

He attack frontally always moving slowly to shatter the enemy. If they can inflict enough damage to his prey they will end up impaling and lifting them and devouring their heads.

He has 3 attacks:

  • A powerful blow with his right hand that knocks down the player
  • 2 strikes with his omminent claws
  • And his finishing move where he impales his victim and devours his head.


Against him only heavy weapons are effective and, if met alone, it will be impossible to get out from head to head without damage (unless you use a Flash Light). The best tactic to get the better of the ArbolTrebol is to take advantage of their sluggishness and keep your distance to shoot him clear of the action of his attack's radius.

Here's a chart of the ArbolTrebol's endurance, messure by the neccesary bullets to kill it with every weapon:

Firepower OLD






No Dark Aura 28 9 5 6 3
Dark Aura 35 19 10 12 3

Ashley Thompson deals more damage than the other players:

No Dark Aura


6 3 3 2
Dark Aura 18 13 6 6 4


  • In the first appearance of this creature, in ObsCure, you can see a lightning, which is impossible since the scene is set in a basement with no windows.
  • There was a beta version of this creature, which is cataloged as "Big Tree".
  • It's never hinted that this is the last evolution of the normal infection. There could be another evolution never show in any game.


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