The Amorphous is a monster appearing in ObsCure II, generated by genetic mutation of the Mortifilia's flower.


The Amorphous is a massive creature that is created when a subject is contaminated, it's unkwown what are the requirements to mutate into this monster, but it's probably up to the organism of the subject.

This creatures is a giant mass with little details on its face (Which or lost their face or are looking down), its legs are very small and are covered in grease, in the other hand, its arms are unproportionally sized, one of his arms is very large, while the other is small. This monster moves slowly on its two small legs with the help of one of the upper limbs balancing its weight.

At the end of his giant arm its has very long and sharp claws with which he decapitates his victims after raising them off the ground.

Like many other creatures there are distinctive proteins in his blood, concentrate around the heart, which contain tissues which oxidize more slowly amplifying the creature's strength. Once you defeat him, the Amorphous' heart will remain for a few seconds on the ground, enought to collect a sample of his blood, using the special syringe.

Known CasesEdit

The only known case it is a girl in the ΔΘΓ party which advise Kenny and Amy to grab a gun in the safe in the playroom.

Combat & TacticsEdit

His attacks are heavy and inflict a lot of damage pushing back any enemy who face him. Underestimating this monster because of its slowness is a serious mistake, its remarkable resistance to the blows makes it very tough and forces the player to use against him firearms keeping a safe distance to avoid direct confrontation, because its deadly blows can easily declare a game over.

The most effective tactic of all is to use the stun gun on him until its fall on the ground and attack him while he's on the ground, however, even shotgun shots or other heavy weapons will make it quickly to yield. To save bullets is inadvisable to use the gun as it requires more than a magazine to bring down the monster; but if you have to confront the Amorphous in a melee fight you must leave promptly when these raises his huge arm because this goes to presage a violent attack from him that will hurl the player to the ground.


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